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Identification of Property Development Opportunities
Through its professional and personal links with major developers, agents and consultants, Impero is in a unique position to identify property development opportunities in their infancy and has successfully paired clients with opportunities on many occasions.

Due Diligence Analysis
Impero has an extremely detailed and thorough Due Diligence procedure and reporting system. Our aim is to identify all risks and potential mitigants for our clients. The reputation we strive for is that our clients trust our advice and judgement whether that is a recommendation from our team to proceed or withdraw from a project based on the risk profile of our client.

Project Feasibility Analysis
Before significant investigative dollars are spent our clients need detailed information on the viability of potential projects. Our feasibility analysis program has been developed over ten years of property development and is comprehensive in its nature. Our feasibility analysis is designed to be, and is accepted by, financiers and valuers as well as our developer clients.

Cash Flow Analysis
An extension of the feasibility analysis is an analysis of all costs into time based cash flows. This provides a detailed analysis for our client’s cash flow, equity and funding needs.

Highest and Best Use Determination
Our analysis of property development opportunities not only looks at the obvious options but looks to establish, through our market research and experience, potential alternate and possibly more viable uses, as well as exit strategies for our clients to reduce long term risk.

Market Research and economic conditions
Part of Impero’s success has been that its business is at the coal face of the property industry and as such its advice is current, relevant and based on the understanding that development is about looking to the future, not making assessments based on yesterday’s news.


Project Master Planning
Once initial due diligence and viability has been established the process of planning and design development commences. Impero manages this process, directs the activities of required technical consultants and aims to achieve a design concept that meets town panning requirements and is in line with the clients required financial parameters.

The Planning Process
Once planning parameters, concept design, and financial viability have been established the detailed planning process commences. Impero coordinates the planning process through the technical consultants and negotiates with the local authority to achieve the best possible outcome for the client.

Time Analysis and Management
Time analysis and control is a critical aspect to any property development. Impero sets and monitors the time parameters for the entire development process. Through the use of performance based Gantt Chart analysis and resource based task allocations, Impero is able to monitor the multitude of consultants and tasks required to complete a property development on time and within budget.

Proactive Not Reactive Management
Impero has a distinct policy of proactive management. It is our philosophy that through our past experience we have such an understanding of the whole property development process that we are able to anticipate future requirements in advance that save the entire project time and risk. Too many project managers react to situations rather than proactively seeking to manage.

Manage a Multi-disciplinary Team of Consultants
Impero’s specialty lies in its management capabilities to manage a multi-disciplinary team of varied consultants and bring all that expert knowledge into a framework that produces a project that falls within the clients expectations of yield, cost and time.

Marketing Management
The placement of the product within the market is critical to the success of any development. The selection of this consultant and the monitoring of their performance forms another aspect of the Impero management system. We want to see our clients succeed in all areas.


Building & Operational Approvals
Impero will follow the process to achieve all the relevant authority approvals required for construction to commence.

Working Drawings & Construction Contract Negotiations
Once the design development and planning process is complete the next major phase is completion of working drawings and tendering construction to achieve a viable building contract in both price and conditions. The production of working drawings is critical to this process and Impero takes control of the co-ordination of consultants and the production of sufficient detail to ensure that the projects viability is not threatened by a lack of design detail once construction has commenced.
Impero completes detailed finishes specifications and with working drawings tenders with builders as selected and negotiates with those builders to achieve the right price and conditions for the client.

Manage Authority Approvals
During the construction phase Impero ensures that all the authorities conditions are met and approved in accordance with the Development, Building and Operational works approvals.

Construction Management/Superintending
During construction Impero will act as the superintendent or clients representative. Impero will conduct weekly site meetings and monthly Project Control Group meetings with the head contractor, deal with all variations and resolve all site issues in the clients best interests.

Cost Control & Cash Flow Monitoring
The feasibility analysis prepared at the analysis stage of a project becomes a living document and is transformed into a Cost Control document. Impero manages all costs of the project including consultants, local authority fees and construction claims. Impero negotiates, monitors, and records every transaction of the development into one detailed spreadsheet. At any time the client can assess where they stand against budget.

Defects and Handover
Impero prides itself on taking its jobs to the absolute completion. Not only do we assess and monitor defects rectification, we consider all aspects including things such as logistics of end users moving in and final end user or purchaser satisfaction.
Once the total project is complete Impero prepares a detailed completion report and will provide to the client a comprehensive package of working drawings, financial reports and final management reports.


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